The Different Advantages Which You May Get from a Digital Mammography Service

It is very important that you have a routine examination of the breasts in order to diagnose breast cancer if ever you have it. Through early diagnosis, then you will be able to have the right intervention so that you can prevent this from getting more serious. Thus, it is essential that you would opt for digital mammography service periodically. Get to know these important benefits of mammography services by clicking on this link:

The mammogram is simply an X-ray photograph of your breast and such works in the principle which is the same with the chest X-ray. You should know that the breast tissue is compressed in between the two plates and there would be an X-ray picture taken. Doctors would then look at this and they are going to determine for presence of abnormalities in it. You must understand that breast cancer often appears in the form of architectural distortions, calcifications or such abnormal densities.

Because the mammogram utilizes X-rays, then you should be aware that there is minimal risk associated with exposure to such radiation in women undergoing mammography. However, the amount of such radiation is associated with that mammogram examination is just very small and such is controlled by regulatory agencies too. There are strict regulations which are actually enforced by the agency to make sure that mammography equipment is very safe and would make use of the lowest dose of radiation. The dose of such radiation that is being used by the modern mammogram machines won't increase the risk for breast cancer.

You must know that Pink Center Paterson NJ are offering those digital mammography services today. What is great about this is that there is speed and also one may manipulate such digital image taken. The digital mammogram actually differs from film mammogram that makes use of a special detector to get as well as convert that x-ray energy into such digital image. Such procedure and the appearance of the machine as well as those images being produced are similar to the film mammogram. The benefit would actually come from such ability to manipulate the image.

Also a practical benefit and also patient convenience that is offered by the digital mammography services would include not having to wait for the film to get developed because you will at once see the digital images. Such technologist can evaluate the quality of those images taken. This means that the patients are going to spend less time in the exam room and would also not have to return for repeat images because of over exposures. Another benefit is that this kind of digital machine is also fast and this means that the patients will be spending less time in that uncomfortable position. For more information about mammography, click on this link:

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